The Bedpost is a sporadic mobile post set in the event that I am lying down for the night, quite literally in bed, and posting from my phone. This will be a more journal-like post where I cover whatever game I had just finished, progression in it, what keeps me going and so forth.

Tonight was a frustrating plunge into WAR on my shaman, accompanied by a rarely occuring rage log. Yes, I am quite susceptible to fits of anger, especially when getting griefed by entirely legitimate means, namely Witch Hunters. It’s a love/hate relationship that I court with the many high RR Witch Hunters on Iron Rock. If they can burst me down in 4 seconds from stealth I’m pretty much dead, but if they can’t, well, it’s one of the reasons WH’s are at the top of ny “Killed” list. However, tonight this particular Witch Hunter could take me down nearly effortlessly, causing me to promptly switch to my Squig Herder.

For reasons I’m not quite sure about, I have yet to get my SH into some decent gear. He’s still playable, but with some horrid stats. Gear makes a fair amount of difference in WAR. I even had a friend log on to run around with me, but after missing the first two scen pop’s due to computer issues and then logging off completely, what little will I had left for soloing was no longer to be sated with WAR.

During the crazy week of Steam I snagged Borderlands on the cheap and tore into it with Mordecai, the Sniper/Pistoleer. A couple nights ago I had beaten the last boss and was promted to start my second playthrough. So far it’s been painful. It’s like the whole game scales up to meet you which is kinda rough since by the end of the first playthrough any of the elite mobs can kill you pretty quick if you’re not on your toes. Playthrough #2 is worse, to the point I had to check my difficulty settings.

It’s challenging solo, but hardly impossible. Unfortunately when you solo in Borderlands the drop rates are pretty stupidly low. I think through a full 3 hour game session I might find one significant upgrade. I think the biggest gripe I have this far in is the lack of reward for the risk. The Elite versions of these critters hit 3x as hard and have 10x the health, not an easy thing to stomach by yourself. All in all, a rough night to enjoy. Although it might just be the heat compounding the issue.