The Bedpost is a sporadic mobile post set in the event that I am lying down for the night, quite literally in bed, and posting from my phone. This will be a more journal-like post where I cover whatever game I had just finished, progression in it, what keeps me going and so forth.

So tonight started out as a Warhammer night. I’ve been bouncing back and forth with my shaman from DPS to heal spec trying to get a feel for when my realm needs more of one or the other. It’s truly a curse however, as soon as you pick one you end up getting screwed. I guess this wouldn’t be so bad if I did the smart thing and played with a regular team, but no one wants a DPS shaman as usual.

Being stuck healing in groups has it’s up sides. I snuck into a LV group on Monday and snagged my Darkpromise boots and belt, definite boost to my heal spec as it replaced some Annihilator gear. Healing is also a much faster and easier way to get renown, provided your team is capable of doing some killing. One of the biggest down sides is that it makes me sleepy, which in turn becomes logging off to play APB.

Ah, what a wretched hive of scum and villany you can find in that fledgling MMO. “Delicious tears.” and “You mad bro?” are tossed around highlighting to vocabulary and social etiquette of the douchebags on the internets. I recall one short conversation from some cretin who was busy building a roadblock. “Don’t get mad brah. Why don’t you stop being a bitch and grab some cars for the pile? Stupid nigger, cry harder faggot.” How could I possibly argue with this logic!?

APB in its currently form truly brings out my hate for the general public. Sure some people on there are quiet, almost to the point of refusing to communicate at all, but the ones that aren’t make up for them tenfold. At least the game doesn’t make me sleepy. It does tend to bring out my rage at times. Tonight my APB rage-log was getting sniped for 60m with a beanbag shotgun. All the power of a shotgun, none of the accuracy loss, and a range that makes me cut my wrists. Hell, I almost got out of the stun by the time they ran to me.

Ok, APB has some serious balance issues to work out, but I think most of them would be alleviated by a workablw matchmaking system that is based on Rating (character level) instead of Threat (consecutive wins). Then adjust Threat to increase the chances an mission is started against you or the chance your opponent can call for backup. The third indicator, Notoriety/Prestige (kind of like wanted level?) could stay as-is, slowly increasing over time as long as you’re playing. High N/P gives you better rewards at the end of missions, but is currently used to determine when PvP missions can be started against you.

The system is fairly easy to exploit, which quickly makes it no fun for more casual (or sporadic) gamers that have to face someone literally 2-3x their Rating in nearly every fight. Yet, despite it all…