Rants are short and simple posts that exist only to get some stuff off my chest. Purely based in opinion, and rarely constructive enough to consider a quality post. Of course from time to time you might catch a glimpse of some tasty insight, so it’s probably best to pay attention and roll with it.

If there’s one thing APB does very well, it’s causing people to rage, and rage hard. Very hard. People, being the hideous pond scum that they are, have no restraint when adding their flavorful commentary to the rager in question. Rare instances of common courtesy, respectful conversation, and actual constructive criticism are quickly dying off. It’s a sad state of affairs, but lets face it, the trolls are rollin’ deep.APB isn’t the only one guilty of it by any means, but the extreme depth of character customization has opened it up to a whole new level. Reenactments of some of the most horrifying and disturbing internet memes are common enough that you go numb. Seeing everything from swastikas to pedo bears to impressive renditions of 2g1c on the side of a van. There are things in APB, player made, that belong in the cannot-be-unseen category. Combine this graphical freedom with the terrifying difficulty curve, abundance of hacks, unbalanced weaponry and afk bots, and you have a recipe for ultimate trolling unlike any other I’ve seen on the internet thus far. It’s like Realtime Worlds made a video game for /b/.

I looked into this a bit and as it turns out even a fresh-faced noob asking legit questions in a public channel has a fair chance at being ridiculed provided they’re playing a PvP game. Is there something about teabagging that makes people turn in to total jackasses when in the presence of others? Whatever it is, it’s not just limited to APB, or even to any game in particular I’ve noticed. Pretty much anywhere on the internet that allows some sort of discussion, be it gaming forums, tech forums, news sites, commentary on blogs even, will have trolling to some degree of rampancy. I can’t read a single article from cnn.com that doesn’t have some racially or politically charged bigotry. People really take hold of their internet anonymity and run wild with it at times.

I wonder then, who are these people in our every day life? Are they your typical collar-poppin’ douchebags that don’t leave tips at restaurants and emotionally abuse their girlfriends and wives by blatantly checking out everything with an ass? Are they really raging 12 year olds that are looking for an outlet to let off some pent-up rage after being kicked out of their umpteenth Ventrilo server? Are they the social outcasts no one has ever liked that border on the verge of terrorism in some form but are instead using the internet as their release? Maybe they really are the fat greasy faced nerd eating his Cheetos and sucking down some diet Mountain Dew taking potshots at anyone he can to somehow make himself feel better about being… well, himself.

That’s a lot of stereotype right there. Something to think about next time YOU feel the need to randomly troll someone. Are you any of these things? You realize someone is going to instantly attribute any or all of them to you. Even if the internet is anonymous, is that really what you want to be viewed as? Personally it makes me a little sick, and I’m guilty of it too. I think limiting, or at least trying to be a little more conscious about it, would go a long way.