Lately I’ve been leveling up a Sorc with a friend of mine who is working on a Magus at the same time. Neither of us regularly have guard or dedicated heals and we’re equally decked out in gear. We have pretty much the same skill level, and yet I find he manages to out-kill everything over me. Sometimes it’s just a small amount, but often he’s pulling 30% victories over me.

This puzzled me for a while. Is the Sorc not the premier damage dealer in this game? Is the Magus not after all the most gimped RDPS class? At first glance it looks like this is indeed the case, at least in T2. Then I thought back to when I was leveling my Engineer, and how much I laughed at Bright Wizards and their futility. Even now I have the potential to crit for 1400 or so, but it’s fairly rare that I get that chance.

The reason out of all this that I can excel on second rate toons, and get so easily walloped with OP toons is a self fulfilling prophecy. While I’ve been trying desperately to stay out of harms way with my cloth wearing armor, the Magus was right in the fray tearing people apart. Even so, I was still the main target since I was the one sporadically critting for 1400 while my friend was spamming them for a mere 600 or so per AOE.

It’s interesting how the ecology of PvP can affect gameplay like this.

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