Rants are short and simple posts that exist only to get some stuff off my chest. Purely based in opinion, and rarely constructive enough to consider a quality post. Of course from time to time you might catch a glimpse of some tasty insight, so it’s probably best to pay attention and roll with it.

Alright kids, here’s something that’s pissed me off over time, and it’s more of a design problem than anything, but also falls into the hands of players and self moderated sportsmanship. When you hit the level cap and you’re sort of milling around the top of the dog pile of players in your competitive environment, is it really conducive to gather a full group of level capped players to go out griefing? Look now, I understand the joys of kicking ass relentlessly, but is it really fun when the opposition stands no chance at all?

OP for 2 years and counting...

It’s one thing to do it in a single player game, max out all your gear, hit the level cap, and run around one-shotting mobs. You feel great! The mobs don’t give a shit! Game is fun as hell! Take the same concept and apply it to human players instead of NPC’s and you have a recipe for destruction. There’s no challenge in popping noobs all day that literally stand no chance at all. The biggest impact you’re having is on whether or not that player, and surely the hundreds of other players you grief, will continue to play the game at all. Competition is a two-way street, if your group is facerolling everything with reckless abandon and nothing is even making your team break a sweat, it’s time for someone to hang up their uber-peen and play an alt or something. All the people you’re wiping the floor with are not having a good time, and they need to have a good time as well or you’ll kill your game.

The design issue is an obvious one as it allows these situations to happen. WAR lets RR80 toons in fully decked out gear fight R32 noobs in terribad gear without a second thought. Players that literally have the very last bit of endgame gear are allowed to relentlessly faceroll players that are haven’t even hit the first quarter mark in renown. To make things worse, it’s treated like an elite club being in the upper echelons of renown. Level capped players will typically only group with other level capped players for the sheer reason of practically ensuring overwhelming victory.

APB has similar issues, although being a much less gear based game in the long run there’s still a lack of separation between the haves and have-nots that cause any noob player, and even mid-game players, to ragelog in less than an hour (I know, as I do this frequently). Their concept of using Threat (T=consecutive wins vs losses) as a measuring stick instead of Rating (R=level, time spent in-game, gear hurdle) is badly broken if not entirely. For example, three T14 players take a mission, during this a dispatch call is put out to try and match up similar levels of threat against them. In one case, it put 5 players T2-6 each, against them. Threat balance was 42v15 and no more players were allowed to join in on the mission. For one, that’s just plain broken. For two, these low threat players were also massively under rating compared to the high threat players, R50-/R250+. This is a VERY frequent occurrence.

How has the community responded? With napalm of course. For one, there’s MANY afk bots that sit around and accept missions with no intent to help at all, and at the same time are scripted to call in as much backup as possible. I’ve entered missions with more AFK players than actual ones. Second, before patch 1.2.1 or whatever there were multiple ways to afk farm cash, most players that took advantage of this easily have millions of dollars on their main, whereas my mid-game toon has about 100k playing straight. This becomes relevant when you look at pricing on the player driven Market and a single common upgrade costs 30k each, let alone weapons skyrocketing into the millions. Third, you have the hackers that eventually just got tired of being rolled constantly and are more than content with getting their account banned since the game offers them nothing at all to begin with. These guys are blatant and will take that same group of three T14’s and wipe them over and over again.

People earn their keep, and I get that. Really I do. You just have to understand that if the mechanic in the game is broken to the point that players who have “won” the game can drop a deuce on the chest of a newb, some self control goes a long way. Not only for the sanity of the players that you’ve been jacking uncontrollably, but for the health of the game you spent so much time getting all pro at. You’re not making anything better by griefing every available moment in-game. Do yourself a favor and work the mechanic so you’re getting fair fights, or roll a damn alt already.

Winning isn't everything.