What a crazy night of WAR I just had the pleasure of finishing out. Mythic, in their obviously infallible ways, implemented a double XP/RR weekend to celebrate what has so far been a pretty damn flawless release of patch 1.3.6. Combine this with the introduction of the Against All Odds buff and you have what was once a lovely fountain of renown turned in a geyser of purple bar bliss. My Chosen started off tonight at RR40 and finished halfway through RR45. My time was even split up between solo ganking in the lakes, zerg warbanding between BO’s, pugging scenarios, then at the end getting into a premade and kicking teeth in diving headfirst into a blob of order easily five times our size.

This, of all weekends, should really be the one to make you re-sub and get some action. I haven’t gotten renown like this in pretty much ever. Over a 6. hour period of mixed activity I managed to rake in about 200k renown. Insanity! I managed to hit a new record for renown earned in a scen at 20,900! However the RvR lakes are where the massive renown was found. Find a lake with a big enough AAO bonus and you could be looking at 8k renown from a single kill, and I did many times in quick succession. The AAO buff does an amazing job at promoting smaller group warfare and breaking up the zerg. The amount of action in the lakes across the board was way more activity than I’ve seen on Iron Rock in a long time.

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