Hello, my name is Jason and I tend to stay up far too late at night in pursuit of my gaming addiction. I can hazily recall countless breaks of dawn sneaking in through my window reminding me that my mortal form requires sleep to function.  Frequently these days I’ll only manage to get tired when pushing 4am in the morning. As a single father of one beautiful girl, this taxes me for the days of the week that I get to spend my time with her.  I work in IT, an associate server admin to be precise, which affords me flexibility in hours and workload while providing an abundance of loot to frivolously spend on the latest and greatest failures from the gaming industry.

I’m not terribly biased at the industry in general, it’s just that the majority of my formative years were spent during the glory days of gaming. Where you could spend 40$ on a game and receive a 60 hour long story that grabbed you and sucked you in. Many games have the same gravity to be sure, but all too often they’re over just as you’re getting into them. This is probably what draws me back to MMO’s over and over again, the continuous gameplay. Moreso than the community anyway, I find myself to be more of a solo elitist than anything.

Then of course one would have to define elitist so as to not sounds like a gaming snob. All an elitist does is understand the game at hand. Fully. As an example, PvP games in particular require you to not only understand your own class, but all of your enemies and allies as well. I’m not one to rub in how good I am at things, because there’s sure people that are far better than myself. I just understand things to a higher degree, or perhaps put more effort into learning my environment.

At any rate this blog will be more structured than my previous endeavor. Some of you will know me from my Warhammer Online blog grimnir.mmofansites.com . I’m not done with Warhammer by any means, it’s just tiring waiting for some announcement about the future when I have all these other games that I spend time on as well. It’s simply time to expand a bit and open up my options for blogging.