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What a crazy night of WAR I just had the pleasure of finishing out. Mythic, in their obviously infallible ways, implemented a double XP/RR weekend to celebrate what has so far been a pretty damn flawless release of patch 1.3.6. Combine this with the introduction of the Against All Odds buff and you have what was once a lovely fountain of renown turned in a geyser of purple bar bliss. My Chosen started off tonight at RR40 and finished halfway through RR45. My time was even split up between solo ganking in the lakes, zerg warbanding between BO’s, pugging scenarios, then at the end getting into a premade and kicking teeth in diving headfirst into a blob of order easily five times our size.

This, of all weekends, should really be the one to make you re-sub and get some action. I haven’t gotten renown like this in pretty much ever. Over a 6. hour period of mixed activity I managed to rake in about 200k renown. Insanity! I managed to hit a new record for renown earned in a scen at 20,900! However the RvR lakes are where the massive renown was found. Find a lake with a big enough AAO bonus and you could be looking at 8k renown from a single kill, and I did many times in quick succession. The AAO buff does an amazing job at promoting smaller group warfare and breaking up the zerg. The amount of action in the lakes across the board was way more activity than I’ve seen on Iron Rock in a long time.

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Tonight I managed to finish the campaign for Battlefield : Bad Company 2, fun game, great characters, hell of a setup for part 3. My only real gripe is the length. 6 hours from install to finish! It just goes by too fast, and so many games are guilty of it these days.

That’s just the industry in general though. Make one solid game, tack on “episodic” content afterwards that not only uses the same engine and rehashes content, but ends up being shorter and costs the same as a full retail game. Sometimes, I would simply be embarassed if I were leading a company that had to release crap like that. It makes me worry about future games that people have their hopes resting on. Halo Reach is one, Star Wars the Old Republic is another, and then my own personal pick is The Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning.

Yeah, for some reason I’m really excited to see what kind of game the legendary Curt Schilling will let go out the door. Especially with the kind of talent he rounded up to do the game. If there’s one game out there I would hope could break this mold of short and sweet games, it’s that one. I know if I were making a single player RPG, it’d be an epic 50 hour or more rampage. Perpetual escalation from fighting goblins in the woods out back to traveling the planes and fighting the gods themselves on their home turf before finally calling it a climax. All the things inbetween leading you on a twisting journey to accumulate more and more power while burying your rivals behind you. Sounds rather Conan-ish I suppose.

I can only hope that Curt has the sort of integrity that will drive him to greater heights. I’ll be looking forward to spending many sleepless nights in the world he’s weaving.

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Lately I’ve been leveling up a Sorc with a friend of mine who is working on a Magus at the same time. Neither of us regularly have guard or dedicated heals and we’re equally decked out in gear. We have pretty much the same skill level, and yet I find he manages to out-kill everything over me. Sometimes it’s just a small amount, but often he’s pulling 30% victories over me.

This puzzled me for a while. Is the Sorc not the premier damage dealer in this game? Is the Magus not after all the most gimped RDPS class? At first glance it looks like this is indeed the case, at least in T2. Then I thought back to when I was leveling my Engineer, and how much I laughed at Bright Wizards and their futility. Even now I have the potential to crit for 1400 or so, but it’s fairly rare that I get that chance.

The reason out of all this that I can excel on second rate toons, and get so easily walloped with OP toons is a self fulfilling prophecy. While I’ve been trying desperately to stay out of harms way with my cloth wearing armor, the Magus was right in the fray tearing people apart. Even so, I was still the main target since I was the one sporadically critting for 1400 while my friend was spamming them for a mere 600 or so per AOE.

It’s interesting how the ecology of PvP can affect gameplay like this.

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The Bedpost is a sporadic mobile post set in the event that I am lying down for the night, quite literally in bed, and posting from my phone. This will be a more journal-like post where I cover whatever game I had just finished, progression in it, what keeps me going and so forth.

So tonight started out as a Warhammer night. I’ve been bouncing back and forth with my shaman from DPS to heal spec trying to get a feel for when my realm needs more of one or the other. It’s truly a curse however, as soon as you pick one you end up getting screwed. I guess this wouldn’t be so bad if I did the smart thing and played with a regular team, but no one wants a DPS shaman as usual. Read the rest of this entry »

The Bedpost is a sporadic mobile post set in the event that I am lying down for the night, quite literally in bed, and posting from my phone. This will be a more journal-like post where I cover whatever game I had just finished, progression in it, what keeps me going and so forth.

Tonight was a frustrating plunge into WAR on my shaman, accompanied by a rarely occuring rage log. Yes, I am quite susceptible to fits of anger, especially when getting griefed by entirely legitimate means, namely Witch Hunters. Read the rest of this entry »

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