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It’s not a particularly fragile balance as far as I can tell. I’ve been splitting my time three ways for quite a while now and it’s always the desire for something else that pulls me away from one game over the other. WAR, EVE, and APB are so massively different it’s easy to bounce around between them, the only thing that really ties me to one or another for any amount of time is when I have friends playing, and actually needing me for something. In WAR I have a tank and healer warder for the end game dungeons and ready to rock whenever. In APB my crim is in a small clan and I get the prestigious responsibility of driving their asses around in my custom Seiyo Espacio (which I really need some screenies of). EVE, well… is EVE. I don’t have anyone on my contact list, and most of the time I’m just running missions with naught but my drones to keep me company. They’re all different flavors, but it’s all about how you manage things. Read the rest of this entry »


Articles are the standard fare of the day. Typically long winded and roundabout in content, they tie together many thoughts, observances, criticisms, and reactions into one post.

If you’ve ever played EVE Online, you’ll know just how crazy big it can be. Well, at least for a virtual universe that doesn’t resemble our own in the slightest. If left to drift at a few hundred meters per second I could literally take you weeks to make it to another station in the same system. That’s just the physical aspect of it too, there’s also the massive player run economy, hundreds of different ships, and thousands of ways to equip them. There’s alliances that span dozens (if not hundreds) of star systems that wont think twice about turning your trespassing ship into a crispy pile of space dust.

EVE is a huge and scary place, but I like it that way.
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