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Rants are short and simple posts that exist only to get some stuff off my chest. Purely based in opinion, and rarely constructive enough to consider a quality post. Of course from time to time you might catch a glimpse of some tasty insight, so it’s probably best to pay attention and roll with it.

Alright kids, here’s something that’s pissed me off over time, and it’s more of a design problem than anything, but also falls into the hands of players and self moderated sportsmanship. When you hit the level cap and you’re sort of milling around the top of the dog pile of players in your competitive environment, is it really conducive to gather a full group of level capped players to go out griefing? Look now, I understand the joys of kicking ass relentlessly, but is it really fun when the opposition stands no chance at all? Read the rest of this entry »


Tonight I managed to finish the campaign for Battlefield : Bad Company 2, fun game, great characters, hell of a setup for part 3. My only real gripe is the length. 6 hours from install to finish! It just goes by too fast, and so many games are guilty of it these days.

That’s just the industry in general though. Make one solid game, tack on “episodic” content afterwards that not only uses the same engine and rehashes content, but ends up being shorter and costs the same as a full retail game. Sometimes, I would simply be embarassed if I were leading a company that had to release crap like that. It makes me worry about future games that people have their hopes resting on. Halo Reach is one, Star Wars the Old Republic is another, and then my own personal pick is The Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning.

Yeah, for some reason I’m really excited to see what kind of game the legendary Curt Schilling will let go out the door. Especially with the kind of talent he rounded up to do the game. If there’s one game out there I would hope could break this mold of short and sweet games, it’s that one. I know if I were making a single player RPG, it’d be an epic 50 hour or more rampage. Perpetual escalation from fighting goblins in the woods out back to traveling the planes and fighting the gods themselves on their home turf before finally calling it a climax. All the things inbetween leading you on a twisting journey to accumulate more and more power while burying your rivals behind you. Sounds rather Conan-ish I suppose.

I can only hope that Curt has the sort of integrity that will drive him to greater heights. I’ll be looking forward to spending many sleepless nights in the world he’s weaving.

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It’s not a particularly fragile balance as far as I can tell. I’ve been splitting my time three ways for quite a while now and it’s always the desire for something else that pulls me away from one game over the other. WAR, EVE, and APB are so massively different it’s easy to bounce around between them, the only thing that really ties me to one or another for any amount of time is when I have friends playing, and actually needing me for something. In WAR I have a tank and healer warder for the end game dungeons and ready to rock whenever. In APB my crim is in a small clan and I get the prestigious responsibility of driving their asses around in my custom Seiyo Espacio (which I really need some screenies of). EVE, well… is EVE. I don’t have anyone on my contact list, and most of the time I’m just running missions with naught but my drones to keep me company. They’re all different flavors, but it’s all about how you manage things. Read the rest of this entry »

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