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Tonight I managed to finish the campaign for Battlefield : Bad Company 2, fun game, great characters, hell of a setup for part 3. My only real gripe is the length. 6 hours from install to finish! It just goes by too fast, and so many games are guilty of it these days.

That’s just the industry in general though. Make one solid game, tack on “episodic” content afterwards that not only uses the same engine and rehashes content, but ends up being shorter and costs the same as a full retail game. Sometimes, I would simply be embarassed if I were leading a company that had to release crap like that. It makes me worry about future games that people have their hopes resting on. Halo Reach is one, Star Wars the Old Republic is another, and then my own personal pick is The Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning.

Yeah, for some reason I’m really excited to see what kind of game the legendary Curt Schilling will let go out the door. Especially with the kind of talent he rounded up to do the game. If there’s one game out there I would hope could break this mold of short and sweet games, it’s that one. I know if I were making a single player RPG, it’d be an epic 50 hour or more rampage. Perpetual escalation from fighting goblins in the woods out back to traveling the planes and fighting the gods themselves on their home turf before finally calling it a climax. All the things inbetween leading you on a twisting journey to accumulate more and more power while burying your rivals behind you. Sounds rather Conan-ish I suppose.

I can only hope that Curt has the sort of integrity that will drive him to greater heights. I’ll be looking forward to spending many sleepless nights in the world he’s weaving.

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Where has it all gone? I remember back in the old days when night-time came, you needed to pull out a torch or you’d be walking through pitch black darkness. Better hope nothing catches you unawares, or it’d be a swift and horrifying death. Seasons seem to be above the realm of possibility these days as well, is it so hard to have a changing landscape every couple of weeks? I guess it’d mess with seasonal holidays if you’re off-cycle with the normal year, but I’m not here to play the real world anyway. Then there’s weather; rain, snow, high winds, dust storms, blazing sunlight, fog, all these things are found in a multitude of games, but none of them are really used very well. I’ve always had a fascination with living worlds, truly living worlds at that. Where all these things influence your quest availability by either altering it, adding difficulty or ease, or simply just not being available at all. Things that are large-scale as well, like barbarian tribes moving into a town under cover of darkness and rolling fog. Slaughtering anyone milling idly about, and being rewarded for repelling the attack. Something like that just wouldn’t feel the same if it happened in the standard broad daylight normal busy town square nonsense. Read the rest of this entry »

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